As you see from the certificates displayed we are affiliated to:



This is because they both uphold the work we do here in ensuring that you get the best quality and flavour fruit and vegetables that can be produced, with least impact on the environment.
These organisations have regular monitoring and very stringent rules to abide by, outlined for you below.
Please do feel free to ask our staff about what these organisations mean for us and for you.

FARMA - National Farmers' Retail & Markets Association

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Consists of, and works for, farmers and farm based producers who sell direct, giving us colleagues to share information and ideas with about retailing and advertising as well as growing. We visit other farms to try their strawberry & raspberry varieties before deciding which tastes best for you. They provide the only available independent quality assurances about our retail operation and encourage us to keep you informed.

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LEAF - (Linking Environment And Farming)

Help us improve our farming environment as they are committed to viable agriculture which is environmentally and socially acceptable while ensuring a supply of wholesome and affordable food as well as conservation of wildlife. The audit procedure is very complicated and stringent and we passed!